Rémy Glardon

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This paper introduces the principles of a unified language devoted to the area of competence based enterprise modelling. The language, named UECML, for Unified Enterprise Competence Modelling Language, is intended to provide a neutral interface to enterprise modelling based on competencies. Therefore, it is built on previous languages, especially UEML and(More)
Maintaining and developing competitive advantages in a constantly changing market requires the creation and exploitation of a network of adequate competences. Competence management necessitates both clean formalisation and evaluation of the pertinence of competences. This depends on several factors and involves subjective elements. In this paper, a(More)
Competition leads value adding networks to increase their agility in order to acquire or maintain their market shares. To do so, managers must be able to propose and to assess several improvement scenarios in order to offer the best service level to the markets at minimum cost. As value adding networks often involve several actors evolving in a non-steady(More)
Inter-departmental co-ordination is considered an important factor for the success of a company. Individuals predominantly plan according to the goals of their own department. In cooperative relationships, however, they also try to create possibilities for the optimization of the planning for the other individual. This paper analyzes the influence of(More)
Nowadays, all product life cycle processes are investigated deeply in order to get an advantage over competitors. To support these processes, several software applications are available. However this wide range of heterogeneous applications leads to a large variety of data formats that hinder data integration. To tackle this problem, the Hitachi company(More)
Nowadays, the advantages of virtual enterprises and collaborative networks are well known by scientists and professional communities. Despite the advantages, only a few networks continue running businesses after stopping the governmental subsides. One of the reasons is the lack of a model that evaluates the benefit from the firm’s point of view. The(More)