Rémy D. Tadonléké

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Dilution-regrowth experiments coupled to fluorescence in situ hybridization were conducted with samples from two humic reservoirs in order to examine how inorganic nutrients (N, P) affect free-living bacterioplankton phylogenetic groups and subsequently the quality of dissolved organic matter (DOM). The experiments were complemented by analyses of the(More)
Reservoirs and lakes were compared to test the hypothesis that they are similar with respect to factors driving the variation in CO(2) emissions to the atmosphere. Understanding this variation is necessary for the assessment of the contribution of these freshwater ecosystems to the global carbon cycle. This study, in contrast to previous ones, included(More)
In search of a primer set that could be used to study Planctomycetes dynamics in lakes and especially via fingerprinting methods, e.g. denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE), three existing specific primer sets, developed for marine and soil systems, have been tested on water samples from four freshwater ecosystems. The first primer set(More)
Over the last decades, mass developments by the filamentous conjugating green alga Mougeotia have been followed in three large peri-alpine lakes (Lake Geneva, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore) and in the sub-tropical Lake Kinneret. The aim of this study is to highlight annual and interannual patterns of Mougeotia biomass in the studied lakes and select key(More)
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