Rémi Vatan

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BACKGROUND Imported malaria remains an important, but often unrecognised, health problem in Europe. Little information exists on the incidence of imported malaria with respect to exposure. This study aimed to estimate the incidence of malaria in a cohort of travellers with respect to protection measures. METHOD In all 13,017 participants enrolled in a(More)
In contrast to young rats, adult rats given i.p. Plasmodium berghei Anka (PbA) control the parasitaemia and repair their anaemia. Here, we investigated whether IgE and CD23/NO immune pathway could be implicated in this age-related resistance of adult rats to PbA. Eight-week-old rats displayed significantly higher levels of plasma total IgE (p=0.01) and(More)
In Plasmodium falciparum-infected cells or in P. berghei infected mice, increase of reduced glutathione (GSH) levels confers resistance to chloroquine (CQ). GSH is synthesized within the cells through a complex biochemical pathway composed of several well known enzymes, in which glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) plays an important role. The(More)
This cross-sectional study evaluates the prevalence and factors associated with sleep disturbances in French adult HIV-infected outpatients. Patients fullfilled a self-administered questionnaire on their health behavior, sleep attitudes (Pittsburgh sleep quality index, PSQI), quality of life and depression; 1354 patients were enrolled. Median sleeping time(More)
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