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Inter-specific comparisons of plant traits may vary depending on intra-specific variation. Here we examine the impact of root branching order and season on key functional root traits for grass species. We also compare root traits among co-existing grass species as a step towards defining root trait syndromes. Monocultures of 13 grass species, grown under(More)
We tested the potential of near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) to predict the percentage of dead versus living roots of five grass species grown in monocultures under field conditions. Root death was induced after total severance of aboveground vegetation. Root samples were collected immediately after this treatment to obtain predominantly live(More)
We examine how root system demography and morphology are affected by air warming and multiple, simultaneous climate change drivers. Using minirhizotrons, we studied root growth, morphology, median longevity, risk of mortality and standing root pool in the upper soil horizon of a temperate grassland ecosystem for 3 years. Grassland monoliths were subjected(More)
Proposed links between biodiversity and ecosystem processes have generated intense interest in the linkage between aboveground net primary productivity (ANPP) and soil C storage. Quantity and quality of ANPP largely depend on plant functional groups and management practices. In a context of environmental change (that is, land-use and climate) long-term(More)
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