Rémi Kouassi

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Analysis of colour images in the Red, Green and Blue acquisition space and in the intensity and chrominance spaces shows that colour components are closely correlated (Carron, Ph.D. Thesis, Univ. Savoie, France, 1995; Ocadis, Ph.D. Thesis, Univ. Grenoble, France, 1985). These have to be decorrelated so that each component of the colour image can be studied(More)
A parasitological survey on intestinal coccidia, Cryptosporidium sp and Isospora belli, has been carried out in paediatric service of an teaching hospital in the district of Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire). 130 children under 5 years old suffering from diarrhoea have been enrolled. Direct stools examination method, simplified Ritchie technique and Ziehl Neelsen(More)
This anatomic study realized on 40 African adults hearts, studies the veins related to the coronary sinus. By using injection of the coronary arteries and corrosion of the myocardium, this study discovers certain particularities of the small coronary vein and of the posterior descending interventricular vein in Africans.
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