Rémi Brouard

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In many mendelian diseases, some mutations result in the synthesis of misfolded proteins that cannot reach a transport-competent conformation. In X-linked nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, most of the mutant vasopressin 2 (V2) receptors are trapped in the endoplasmic reticulum and degraded. They are unable to reach the plasma membrane and promote water(More)
AIMS The ATTEMPT study was designed to chart the natural history of smoking cessation and associated short-term health outcomes and effects on medical resource utilization among a cohort recruited across multiple countries. This paper describes the methods for recruitment and follow-up, the baseline population characteristics of the enrolled population and(More)
Peritonitis remains the major obstacle to the acceptance of continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis as a long-term dialysis technique. In January, 1985, Y connectors were introduced into our continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis programme, and a two-year prospective randomized trial for all new patients was initiated in which the Y connection system(More)
Relcovaptan (SR 49059) is a non-peptide, orally active vasopressin V1a receptor inhibitor. The effect on uterine contractions in 18 women with preterm labor in pregnancy weeks 32-36 was assessed in a double-blind investigation. The inclusion criterion was at least four regular uterine contractions over 30 min as measured by external tocodynamometry. Twelve(More)
OBJECTIVE Among the various organs that may be affected by hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT), the liver can show various degrees of vascular and parenchymal involvement. The purpose of this prospective study comprising a large series of patients was to reassess the computed tomography (CT) features of hepatic involvement in HHT using helical CT.(More)
Doses and dosing interval of analgesic drugs in renal failure are not always available in the data sheet compendium. The aim of the article is to analyse literature references and to present main pharmacokinetics modifications for each analgesic drug in renal failure. Pharmacokinetics parameters, doses and dosing intervals depending on creatinine(More)
PURPOSE To report a technique for treating a type III endoleak owing to disconnection of an iliac graft limb from a modular aortic stent-graft. TECHNIQUE A hydrophilic guidewire is introduced via a homolateral femoral access and passed through the thrombosed iliac extension. Once the errant graft limb is recanalized, wire exchange for an extra stiff(More)
The laws regulating the practice of clinical research in France, in particular the law of 20 December 1988, the so-called Huriet's law, constitute a major advance for medical progress. However, their implementation by administrative offices generates practical difficulties which impair the development of applied research in human beings. Beyond the laws(More)
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