Réjean Baribeau

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This paper describes a system for simultaneously measuring the 3-D shape and color properties of objects. Range data are obtained by triangulation over large volumes of the scene, whereas color components are separated by means of a white laser. Details are given concerning the modeling and the calibration of the system for bidirectional(More)
imaging and modeling of real objects have received significant attention in the computer vision and graphics research fields. The capacity to create, display, and manipulate a high-resolution 3D digital representation of an existing object’s shape and appearance can play a significant role in the area of heritage, comprising museum collections and(More)
We present a statistical description of the centroid fluctuations of imaged targets under coherent illumination. We derive analytic expressions that take into account the illumination and imaging geometries. The fluctuations are shown to be insensitive to linear filtering and constitute a physical limitation to remote sensing devices making use of lasers.
Adescription is given of a laser scanning system for the acquisition of the threedimensional surface data from objects as well as their color properties. The digitized data can be stored In compact data files that can serve for the reconstruction of any vlew of the object or scene on currently available graphic workstations. Threedimensional hard(More)
The paper describes the recent evolution of a laser scanning technology which is used to digitize objects in three-dimensions with colour.Data sets are turned into computerized models that can be manipulated, displayed, measured, and compared, and which can be shared on networked systems. The technology should improve the electronic access to museum(More)