Régis Réau

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Nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions of three different soils – a rendzina on cryoturbed soil, a hydromorphic leached brown soil and a superficial soil on a calcareous plateau – were measured using the chamber method. Each site included four types of land management: bare soil, seeded unfertilized soil, a suboptimally fertilized rapeseed crop and an overfertilized(More)
The homodimeric flavoprotein glutathione reductase (GR) is a central player of cellular redox metabolism, connecting NADPH to the large pool of redox-active thiols. In this work, the inhibition of human GR by a novel gold-phosphole inhibitor (GoPI) has been studied in vitro. Two modes of inhibition are observed, reversible inhibition that is competitive(More)
Hetero- and homochiral diastereomeric bis(metallahelicene)s have been synthesized. They possess a rare Pt(III)-Pt(III) scaffold bridged by benzoato ligands. It is shown that heterochiral (P,M)-bis(Pt(III)-[6]helicene) can isomerize into the homochiral (P,P)- and (M,M)-bis(Pt(III)-[6]helicene). A theoretical study shows a unique σ-π conjugation between the(More)
The synthesis of phosphole-modified aza[6]helicenes and the complexation of these pi-conjugated ditopic ligands with metallic ions are described. The chiroptical properties of these metal-bis(helicene) assemblies were experimentally evaluated and studied by first-principles theoretical calculations. The results show that the metal impacts the chiroptical(More)
Conjugated systems based on phospholes and 1,1'-biphospholes bearing 3,4-ethylenedithia bridges have been prepared using the Fagan-Nugent route. The mechanism of this organometallic route leading to intermediate zirconacyclopentadienes has been investigated by using theoretical calculations. This study revealed that the oxidative coupling leading to(More)
Two series of 2,5-dipyridyl- and 2,5-dithienylphosphole derivatives containing sigma3- or sigma4-P atoms were prepared, and their optical (UV/Vis absorption, fluorescence spectra) and electrochemical properties were systematically evaluated. These physical properties depend mainly on the natures of the 2,5-substituents and of the phosphorus moiety, and they(More)
Two series of phospholes and 1,1'-biphospholes bearing either 2- or 3-thienyl substituents at the C atoms are prepared by using the Fagan-Nugent route. Their optical (UV/Vis absorption, fluorescence spectra) and electrochemical properties are systematically evaluated. Of particular interest, the first ever reported 3-thienyl-substituted phospholes exhibit(More)