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We have investigated the function of one of the six plastid sigma-like transcription factors, sigma 3 (SIG3), by analysing two different Arabidopsis T-DNA insertion lines having disrupted SIG3 genes. Hybridization of wild-type and sig3 plant RNA to a plastid specific microarray revealed a strong reduction of the plastid psbN mRNA. The microarray result has(More)
Genomic projects heavily depend on genome annotations and are limited by the current deficiencies in the published predictions of gene structure and function. It follows that, improved annotation will allow better data mining of genomes, and more secure planning and design of experiments. The purpose of the GeneFarm project is to obtain homogeneous,(More)
Determining the number of fluorescent entities that are coupled to a given molecule (DNA, protein, etc.) is a key point of numerous biological studies, especially those based on a single molecule approach. Reliable methods are important, in this context, not only to characterize the labeling process but also to quantify interactions, for instance within(More)
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