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The steroid hormone progesterone (P) plays a pivotal role during ovulation. Mice lacking P receptor (Pgr) gene fail to ovulate due to a defect in follicular rupture. The P receptor (PGR)-regulated pathways that modulate ovulation, however, remain poorly understood. To identify these pathways, we performed gene expression profiling using ovaries from mice(More)
BACKGROUND Limited information is available on the effects of progestins on breast cancer progression and metastasis. Cell migration and invasion are central for these processes, and require dynamic cytoskeletal and cell membrane rearrangements for cell motility to be enacted. METHODS We investigated the effects of progesterone (P), medroxyprogesterone(More)
In the last years there has been an extraordinary development in the synthesis of new progestins. These compounds are classified, in agreement with their structure, in various groups which include progesterone, retroprogesterones, 17alpha-hydroxyprogesterones, 19-norprogesterones, 17alpha-hydroxyprogesterone derivatives, androstane and estrane derivatives.(More)
BACKGROUND Rural-to-urban migrant women in Shanghai have poor reproductive health; the incidence of postpartum unintended pregnancy and contraceptive practices has not been adequately studied in this population. STUDY DESIGN This retrospective study examined the incidence of postpartum unintended pregnancy and associated factors among migrant women and(More)
Estrogen and progestins have been used by millions of women as effective combined contraceptives. The safety of hormonal contraceptives has been documented by years of follow-up and serious adverse events that may be related to their use are rare in the young population exposed to these agents. The balance between the benefits and the risks of contraceptive(More)
OBJECTIVE The study was conducted to assess levonorgestrel (LNG) serum levels achieved after a single administration of two different doses of Carraguard vaginal gel containing LNG (CARRA/LNG), designed for use as microbicide and contraceptive for potential dual protection. MATERIALS AND METHODS This was a randomized double-blind pharmacokinetic study(More)
The potential benefits of estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) for postmenopausal women are now generally recognised, and no scientist involved in this field of research will deny the gratifying results of hormone therapy. However, in the risk-benefit equation the adverse effects of ERT must be carefully considered. Most of the harmful adverse effects of ERT(More)
Progesterone is commonly considered as a female reproductive hormone and is well-known for its role in pregnancy. It is less well appreciated that progesterone and its metabolite allopregnanolone are also male hormones, as they are produced in both sexes by the adrenal glands. In addition, they are synthesized within the nervous system. Progesterone and(More)