Réda Alami

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There is increasing evidence that proteasomes have a biological role in the extracellular alveolar space, but inflammation could change their composition. We tested whether immunoproteasome protein-containing subpopulations are present in the alveolar space of patients with lung inflammation evoking the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).(More)
The uncertainty principle states that a signal cannot be localized both in time and frequency. With the aim of extending this result to signals on graphs, Agaskar & Lu introduce notions of graph and spectral spreads. They show that a graph uncertainty principle holds for some families of unweighted graphs. This principle states that a signal cannot be(More)
OBJECTIVES To calculate the hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) reactive rate for 2011 blood donors (BD) across Morocco. In addition, to monitor the profile of donors bearing the HBsAg during 2000 and 2011, we calculated the percentage of the prevalence in both sexes, in different age groups and in first-time replacement and regular BD from the Rabat(More)
BACKGROUND In sarcoidosis, an antigen specific immune response is a putative mechanism, resulting in granulomatous inflammation. Since the proteasome is involved in antigen presentation, alterations in the alveolar and parenchymal proteasomal system may be a feature of sarcoidosis. OBJECTIVES To explore the role of proteasomes and immunoproteasomes in(More)
OBJECTIVES We trace the history of blood donors and the recruitment strategies developed between 1988 and 2008 in the regional blood transfusion centre of Rabat. Beside, we draw a distribution map of the blood donors' population in Morocco during the year 2008. BACKGROUND Limited resource countries face considerable obstacles to ensuring a safe blood(More)
AIM The contribution of host genetic factors in oropharyngeal mucositis is not fully understood. Therefore, we conducted this study to determine possible associations of age, sex, underlying disease, type of chemotherapy and ABO blood group antigens with the risk of chemotherapy-induced oropharyngeal mucositis. METHODS A total of 641 patients (395 boys(More)
A little is known about the prevalence of elevated alanine transaminase in a Moroccan healthy population. Our aim was to search for the upper limit of normal alanine transaminase in the blood donors and then to apply the upper limit of normal alanine found in the population so as to assess the prevalence of subjects with abnormal transaminase level. We(More)
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