Quyen Thi Thuc Bui

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The fly eyes absent (eya) gene which is essential for compound eye development in Drosophila, was shown to be functionally replaceable in eye development by a vertebrate Eya homolog. The relationship between eya and that of the eyeless gene, a Pax-6 homolog, critical for eye formation in both flies and man, was defined: eya was found to be essential for eye(More)
The Drosophila eyes absent (eya) gene plays an essential role in the events that lead to proper development of the fly eye and embryo. Here we report the analysis of two human and two mouse homologs of the fly eya gene. Sequence comparison reveals a large domain of approximately 270 amino acids in the carboxyl terminus of the predicted mammalian proteins(More)
The eyes absent (eya) gene is critical for normal eye development in Drosophila and is highly conserved to vertebrates. To define regions of the gene critical for eye function, we have defined the mutations in the four viable eya alleles. Two of these mutations are eye specific and undergo transvection with other mutations in the gene. These were found to(More)
The eyes absent (eya) gene is critical to eye formation in Drosophila; upon loss of eya function, eye progenitor cells die by programmed cell death. Moreover, ectopic eya expression directs eye formation, and eya functionally synergizes in vivo and physically interacts in vitro with two other genes of eye development, sine oculis and dachshund. The Eya(More)
Genes involved in eye development are highly conserved between vertebrates and Drosophila. Given the complex genetic network controlling early eye development, identification of regulatory sequences controlling gene expression will provide valuable insights toward understanding central events of early eye specification. We have focused on defining(More)
This study explored the relationship of attitude towards speaking English, exposure to oral communication in English and communication strategy use by English majors studying at the universities in the South of Vietnam to cope with communication breakdowns. The communication strategy questionnaire (CSQ) and the English speaking attitude questionnaire (ESAQ)(More)
In this paper, the development of an electronic simulator named Mo-Phong-Doi-Tuong (MPDT) is presented. This newly developed MPDT simulator can simulate, in real-time, nonlinear processes (for instance, inverted pendulums, acrobots, autonomous vehicles, coupled liquid-level systems, and others) as well as linear processes. Besides, the developed MPDT has a(More)
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