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In this work we treat the problem of secure outsourcing of sequence comparisons by a client to remote servers. The sequence comparison problem, given two strings λ and µ of respective lengths n and m, consists of finding a minimum-cost sequence of insertions, deletions, and substitutions (also called an edit script) that transform λ into µ. In our framework(More)
Several solutions have been developed to provide data-intensive applications with the highest possible data rates. Such solutions tried to utilize the available network resources through parallel I/O and TCP/IP tuning in order to achieve a better data throughput. The focus was on achieving the highest possible data rate while other performance enhancements(More)
The SQL group-by operator plays an important role in summarizing and aggregating large datasets in a data analytics stack. While the standard group-by operator, which is based on equality, is useful in several applications, allowing similarity aware grouping provides a more realistic view on real-world data that could lead to better insights. The Similarity(More)
Recently, large bio-projects dealing with the release of different genomes have transpired. Most of these projects use next-generation sequencing platforms. As a consequence, many de novo assembly tools have evolved to assemble the reads generated by these platforms. Each tool has its own inherent advantages and disadvantages, which make the selection of an(More)