Qusay A. Al Saleh

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Forty-eight Arab patients with steroid-responsive childhood nephrotic syndrome were studied for the frequency of HLA-A,-B,-C and-DR antigens. HLA-DR7 was significantly increased in the patient group (63% vs. 28%,P=0.0002) confirming reports of a DR7 association in other ethnic groups and indicating a universal association with this antigen. HLA-CW6 was also(More)
Subclavian artery stenosis is associated with increased cardiovascular disease mortality. It remains an important treatable cause of upper extremity, brain and cardiac ischemia. Endovascular treatment with angioplasty and stenting has become the preferred modality of treatment. Surgical revascularization is reserved for difficult cases with unfavorable(More)
Wound with loss of skin needs grafting for early healing and to prevent deformity and disability. For skin grafting lateral femoral cutaneous nerve block can be used as regional anesthesia. The efficacy of 55 lateral femoral cutaneous nerve block was assessed in 52 patients of 10 to 70 years of age. The nerve block was found effective in all cases. 90.91%(More)
Sir: It is true that rickets in patients with the Debr6 de Toni-Fanconi Syndrome almost always become apparent after 6 months of age. Although plasma levels of vitamin D metabolites were not available in our patient, the normal serum calcium level together with severely reduced phosphate levels suggest primary phosphate deficiency due to proximal(More)
A male Bedouin baby with the clinical profile of femoral hypoplasia-unusual facies syndrome is described. The phenotype includes bilateral asymmetrical lower limb hypoplasia/aplasia with short remnants of both femora, absent right tibia, bifid right big toe, dysmorphic facies, thoracic/pelvic abnormalities, macrophallus, and bilateral cryptorchidism. This(More)
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