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We present a graph-based new amortization scheme for multicast streams authentication that achieves stronger resistance against packet loss and reduces the overhead in the same time. The hash chains of the existing amortization schemes have no systematic way to construct them, the construction had been determined by simulation. These schemes lack the(More)
Amortization schemes for authenticating streamed data have been introduced as a solution to reduce the high overhead that sign-each schemes suffer from. The hash chains structure of amortization schemes and the number of hash values appended to other packets affect the efficiency of the authentication scheme specially against packet loss. Which packets(More)
—Signature amortization schemes have been introduced for authenticating multicast streams, in which, a single signature is amortized over several packets. The hash value of each packet is computed, some hash values are appended to other packets, forming what is known as hash chain. These schemes divide the stream into blocks, each block is a number of(More)
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