Quratul-Ain Arshad

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Mobile phone sensing is an emerging area of interest for researchers as smart phones are becoming the core communication device in people’s everyday lives. Sensor enabled mobile phones or smart phones are hovering to be at the center of a next revolution in social networks, green applications, global environmental monitoring, personal and community(More)
In this age of electronic connectivity, where we all face viruses, hackers, eavesdropping and electronic fraud, there is indeed no time when security is not critical. Passwords provide security mechanism for authentication and protection services against unwanted access to resources. A graphical based password is one promising alternatives of textual(More)
The field of robotic vision is developing rapidly. Robots can react intelligently and provide assistance to user activities through sentient computing. Since industrial applications pose complex requirements that cannot be handled by humans, an efficient low cost and robust technique is required for the tracking of mobile industrial robots. The existing(More)
This paper presents the concept of optical music recognition (OMR), called "COMSCAN" which takes an electronically printed sheet of musical notes and processes it by using the four basic steps usually used by almost all OMR systems. The COMSCAN OMR system presented in this paper is fully based on our three proposed algorithms. First algorithm is for stave(More)
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