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Much work on Arabic language optical character recognition (OCR) has been on Naskh writing style. Nastalique style, used for most of languages using Arabic script across Southern Asia, is much more challenging to process due to its compactness, cursiveness, higher context sensitivity and diagonality. This makes the Nastalique writing more complex with(More)
—Tesseract engine supports multilingual text recognition. However, the recognition of cursive scripts using Tesseract is a challenging task. In this paper, Tesseract engine is analyzed and modified for the recognition of Nastalique writing style for Urdu language which is a very complex and cursive writing style of Arabic script. Original Tesseract system(More)
— This paper presents a technique for font size independent OCR of Noori Nastaleeq. Most of the existing OCRs for Noori Nastaleeq support only a single font size. Urdu government documents, news papers, magazines and books written in Noori Nastaleeq font style, has varying range of font sizes. The presented technique in this paper gives support for the font(More)
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