Quoc Huy Vu

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Higher-order transformations are ubiquitous within data management. In relational databases, higher-order queries appear in numerous aspects including query rewriting and query specification. In XML databases, higher-order functions are natural due to the close connection of XML query languages with functional programming. The thesis investigates(More)
The correspondence principle is customarily used with the Laplace-Carson 11 transform technique to tackle the homogenization of linear viscoelastic heterogeneous 12 media. The main drawback of this method lies in the fact that the whole stress 13 and strain histories have to be considered to compute the mechanical response of the 14 material during a given(More)
There are two main requirements in dealing with coverage holes in wireless sensor networks (WSNs): locating the hole boundary and finding the locations to deploy new sensors for hole patching. The current protocols on finding the patching locations always require re-running the protocols from scratch many times. This constraint causes the time complexity(More)
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