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A thermoelectric generation system (TEGS) consists of not only thermoelectric modules (TEMs), but also the external load circuitry and the fluidic heat sources. In this paper, a system-level model is proposed in the SPICE-compatible environment to seamlessly integrate the complete fluid-thermal-electric-circuit multiphysics behaviors. Firstly, a quasi(More)
In the initial design period, the trial and error method is generally used. However, modern technology systems design must be guided by modern design theory [1] to [4]. Conceptual design is the first stage of engineering design and includes three kinds of processes: functional reasoning, concept solving, and solution synthesizing. Functional reasoning in(More)
This paper aimed at proposing a new hypocycloid mechanism to actually realize energy transformation between rectilinear motion and rotary motion. The 3D virtual prototype mechanism is presented and it's simplified to reduce the complexity of analysis. The kinematics and dynamics characteristics of this mechanism were studied. For obtaining motion(More)
This paper presents a general product configuration structure model including its defects, firstly. Meanwhile, the old structure has been improved; the problem of product configuration is abstracted to combination problem, which remarkably improved the efficiency of model solving. Secondly, the definition and expression of constraint relations among parts(More)
In this study, a new type hypocycloid mechanism with a special crank and a pair of additional planetary gears, distinct from a conventional mechanism, are presented. This new mechanism is applied to a single cylinder diesel engine for initial study, and the dynamic model of the new engine with hypocycloid mechanism is built based on virtual prototype(More)
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