QunFei Zhang

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In array signal process field, Eigen Increment Threshold (EIT) was widely adopted for its better performance of number-detection than traditional AIC and MDL method. However, EIT has to face the challenge of detection probability (PD) descending while the power of sources is quite different. In this paper, after some analysis to the variety of the(More)
Due to multipath propagation and frequency selective fading, there are many obstacles for reliable and high data rate underwater acoustic (UWA) communication. OFDM is an attractive technique beginning used in UWA communication with three obvious advantages: good performance against multipath interference, ability to combat the frequency selective fading and(More)
Single carrier modulation with frequency domain equalizer is proposed for underwater acoustic channel. An unique training sequence, viewed as cyclic prefix, is inserted into transmitted sequences so that low complexity minimum mean square error (MMSE) frequency domain equalization (FDE) is used for combating the inter-symbol interference in the receivers.(More)
Single-carrier block transmission (SCBT) has a great potential for providing higher bandwidth efficiency over frequency-selective channels with reduced computational complexity and low peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR). In this paper we propose a hybrid time-frequency domain equalization method for pseudorandom noise (PN) based single-carrier block(More)
Acoustic communication between fast-moving underwater vehicles is difficult due to the fact the ratio of the vehicle speed to the sound speed many times exceeds its counterpart in the mobile radio channels. Hence, symbol synchronization, as important as carrier frequency identification, is critical for mobile underwater wireless communication. In this(More)
Single-carrier with frequency domain equalization (SC-FDE) has been considered for bandwidth efficiency underwater acoustic (UWA) communication recently due to its reduced computational complexity and low peak-to-average power ratio. A multi-channel time-frequency domain equalization method for pseudurandom noise (PN) based SC-FDE is proposed in this paper.(More)
In this paper, a Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) monostatic sonar scheme that can deal with multiple targets is presented, where orthogonal waveforms are transmitted simultaneously. Meanwhile the Capon estimator for this sonar system is derived in detail. And the performance of the MIMO sonar is analyzed via experiments in an anechoic water tank, as(More)
A novel M-ary code division multiple access (M-ary CDMA) underwater acoustic communication (UAC) that utilizes quasi-orthogonal sequences has been proposed for the multiple mobile unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV). Its performance has been verified in both four-user synchronous and three-user asynchronous scenarios through a lake experiment over a very(More)
Source localization is one of the important topics in signal processing, in which a key problem is to jointly estimate direction-of-arrival (DOA) and time-delay for multiple sources. In this paper, a novel and efficient algorithm of joint DOA and time-delay estimation (named as ESPRIT-TDF algorithm) is proposed. Based on constructing two special types of(More)