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Location-dependent applications are becoming very popular in mobile environments. To improve system performance and facilitate disconnection, caching is crucial to such applications. In this paper, a semantic caching scheme is used to access location dependent data in mobile computing. We first develop a mobility model to represent the moving behaviors of(More)
This paper presents evidence that a member of the L1 family of ankyrin-binding cell adhesion molecules is a substrate for protein tyrosine kinase(s) and phosphatase(s), identifies the highly conserved FIGQY tyrosine in the cytoplasmic domain as the principal site of phosphorylation, and demonstrates that phosphorylation of the FIGQY tyrosine abolishes(More)
In this paper, a subtractive clustering identification algorithm is introduced to model type-2 Takagi-Sugeno-Kang (TSK) fuzzy logic systems (FLS). The type-2 TSK FLS identification algorithm is an extension of the type-1 TSK FLS modeling algorithm proposed in (S. L. Chiu, 1994), (S. L. Chiu, 1997). In the type-2 algorithm, subtractive clustering method is(More)
Fingerprint enhancement is a critical step in a fingerprint identific ation system. Recently, some anisotropic nonlinear diffusion filter is applied to the fingerprint preprocessed. Impressive results are main reason for using nonlinear diffusion filtering in image processing. Poor efficiency, especially the computational load, is the main reason for not(More)
Cell division in yeast is a highly regulated and well studied event. Various checkpoints are placed throughout the cell cycle to ensure faithful segregation of sister chromatids. Unexpected events, such as DNA damage or oxidative stress, cause the activation of checkpoint(s) and cell cycle arrest. Malfunction of the checkpoints may induce cell death. We(More)
This report presents the first evidence that a member of the L1 family of nervous system cell-adhesion molecules is covalently modified by thioesterification with palmitate, and identifies a highly conserved cysteine in the predicted membrane-spanning domain as the site of modification. Neurofascin is constitutively palmitoylated at cysteine-1213 at close(More)
Semantic caching is particularly attractive for use in a mobile computing environment due to its content-based reasoning ability tid the fact that only the required data (as opposed to a file or pages of data) is transmitted over the wireless link. In this paper we propose a cluster based approach to manage a semantic cache, aiming at examining and further(More)
This paper presents an experimental study for turning process in machining by using Takagi–Sugeno– Kang (TSK) fuzzy modeling to accomplish the integration of multi-sensor information and tool wear information. It generates fuzzy rules directly from the input–output data acquired from sensors, and provides high accuracy and high reliability of the tool wear(More)