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The NACSIS collection of Japanese scienti c documents (with English titles) provides a solid foundation for information retrieval research into 1) segmentation methods for Japanese text, 2) e ective methods for monolingual Japanese retrieval, and 3) JapaneseEnglish cross-language retrieval. This paper compares multiple methods for Japanese and(More)
The exponential growth of gigantic biological data from various sources, such as protein-protein interaction (PPI), genome sequences scaffolding, Mass spectrometry (MS) molecular networking and metabolic flux, demands an efficient way for better visualization and interpretation beyond the conventional, two-dimensional visualization tools. We developed a 3D(More)
Metabolomics is a post-genomics research field for analysis of low molecular weight compounds in biological samples and has shown great potentials for elucidating complex mechanisms associated with diseases. However, metabolomics studies on gastric cancer (GC), which is the second leading cause of cancer death worldwide, remain scarce, and the molecular(More)
Hepatocarcinoma (HCC) is one of the deadliest cancers in the world and represents a significant disease burden. Better biomarkers are needed for early detection of HCC. Metabolomics was applied to urine samples obtained from HCC patients to discover noninvasive and reliable biomarkers for rapid diagnosis of HCC. Metabolic profiling was performed by(More)
Circular genomes, being the largest proportion of sequenced genomes, play an important role in genome analysis. However, traditional 2D circular map only provides an overview and annotations of genome but does not offer feature-based comparison. For remedying these shortcomings, we developed 3D Genome Tuner, a hybrid of circular map and comparative map(More)
BACKGROUND Metabolic fingerprinting is a rapid and noninvasive analysis, representing a powerful approach for the characterization of phenotypes and the distinction of specific metabolic states due to environmental alterations. It has become a valuable analytical approach for the characterization of phenotypes and is the rapidly evolving field of the(More)
Cholangiocarcinoma (CC) accounts for approximately 25% of all hepatobiliary malignancies, including intra- and extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC and ECC) and has a high mortality rate. The clinical manifestations of and liver function tests for the ICC and ECC diseases are too similar to distinguish between them. Diagnosis of ICC and ECC remains(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the clinical outcome of the repairing of soft tissue defects of foot with reverse island skin flap nourished by vasa vasorum of the sural nerve. METHODS The skin flap was designed with sural nerve and its vasa vasorum as the pedicle, and was harvested from the posterior crural region based on the size of the wounds. The defects of(More)
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