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BACKGROUND Infection of poultry with influenza A subtype H7 viruses occurs worldwide, but the introduction of this subtype to humans in Asia has not been observed previously. In March 2013, three urban residents of Shanghai or Anhui, China, presented with rapidly progressing lower respiratory tract infections and were found to be infected with a novel(More)
Grain-filling, an important trait that contributes greatly to grain weight, is regulated by quantitative trait loci and is associated with crop domestication syndrome. However, the genes and underlying molecular mechanisms controlling crop grain-filling remain elusive. Here we report the isolation and functional analysis of the rice GIF1 (GRAIN INCOMPLETE(More)
We develop distributed algorithms for self-organizing sensor networks that respond to directing a target through a region. The sensor network models the danger levels sensed across its area and has the ability to adapt to changes. It represents the dangerous areas as obstacles. A protocol that combines the artificial potential field of the sensors with the(More)
As RFID tags become more widespread, new approaches for managing larger numbers of RFID tags will be needed. In this paper, we consider the problem of how to accurately and efficiently monitor a set of RFID tags for missing tags. Our approach accurately monitors a set of tags without collecting IDs from them. It differs from traditional research which(More)
Access control in sensor networks is used to authorise and grant users the right to access the network and data collected by sensors. Different users have different access right due to the access restriction implicated by the data security and confidentiality. Even though symmetric-key scheme, which has been investigated extensively for sensor networks, can(More)
Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) technology has attracted much attention due to its variety of applications, e.g., inventory control and object tracking. One important problem in RFID systems is how to quickly estimate the number of distinct tags without reading each tag individually. This problem plays a crucial role in many real-time monitoring and(More)
We consider a sensor network that is not fully trusted and ask the question how we preserve privacy for the collected data and how we verify the data reply from the network. We explore the problem in the context of a network augmented with storage nodes and target at range query. We use bucketing scheme to mix the data for a range, use message encryption(More)
With the increased popularity of RFID applications, different authentication schemes have been proposed to provide security and privacy protection for users. Most recent RFID protocols use a central database to store the RFID tag data. The RFID reader first queries the RFID tag and returns the reply to the database. After authentication, the database(More)
Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), a common contagious disease that usually affects children, is normally mild but can have life-threatening manifestations. It can be caused by enteroviruses, particularly Coxsackieviruses and human enterovirus 71 (HEV71) with highly variable clinical manifestations. In the spring of 2008, a large, unprecedented HFMD(More)