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BACKGROUND Weight gain is a common consequence of antipsychotic drug treatment and can lead to further morbidity. AIMS To assess the effects of antipsychotic drug therapy on abdominal fat deposition, on insulin and leptin secretion, and on circulating glucose and lipids. METHOD Abdominal body fat was determined by magnetic resonance imaging in a group(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine cardiovascular responses to fourth cerebral ventricle (4V) administration of nitroglycerin (NTG) or an inhibitor of nitric oxide (NO) synthase (NOS) in the near-term ovine and to determine whether, during birth, neuronal NOS (nNOS) is induced in noradrenergic A1 neurons in the medial nucleus tractus solitarius(More)
BACKGROUND The human endogenous retroviral family W, Env(C7), member 1 gene (HERVWE1) is thought to participate in trophoblast cell fusion, and its expression is diminished in the placentas of singleton intrauterine growth-retarded pregnancies. However, there is limited information about the role of HERVWE1 in discordant fetal growth in twins. This study(More)
Infection with the parasite Toxoplasma gondii leads to the induction of a Th1-type response dominated by IFN-gamma production and control of this pathogen. Cells of the innate immune system are essential in initiating this response both through the production of IL-12 as well as the presentation of parasite-derived Ags to MHC-restricted T cells. Although(More)
IL-27 is a cytokine that regulates Th function during autoimmune and pathogen-induced immune responses. Although previous studies have shown that regulatory T cells (Tregs) express the IL-27R, and that IL-27 inhibits forkhead box P3 upregulation in vitro, little is known about how IL-27 influences Tregs in vivo. The studies presented in this article show(More)
BACKGROUND Mucopolysaccharidosis type IIIB (MPS IIIB) is a lysosomal storage disorder caused by over 130 mutations in NAGLU gene. However, there are not much mutations that have been reported in China. Here we studied five MPS IIIB patients from three unrelated Chinese families. METHODS Urine test and NAGLU activity assay were used to validate the(More)
We performed cell-based drug combination screening using an integrated droplet-based microfluidic system based on the sequential operation droplet array (SODA) technique. In the system, a tapered capillary connected with a syringe pump was used for multistep droplet manipulations. An oil-covered two-dimensional droplet array chip fixed in an x-y-z(More)
A simple, room-temperature bonding process was developed for the fabrication of glass microfluidic chips. High-quality bonding with high yields (>95%) was achieved without the requirement of clean room facilities, programmed high-temperature furnaces, pressurized water sources, adhesives, or pressurizing weights. The plates to be bonded were sequentially(More)
In this work, a simple, robust, and automated microfluidic chip-based FIA system with gravity-driven flows and liquid-core waveguide (LCW) spectrometric detection was developed. The high-throughput sample introduction system was composed of a capillary sampling probe and an array of horizontally positioned microsample vials with a slot fabricated on the(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the high-risk factors and perinatal outcome in selective intrauterine growth restriction (sIUGR) and non-selective IUGR (non-sIUGR) in twins. METHODS In total, 336 pairs of twins were enrolled from December 2003 to 2009. According to the birth weight, 295 pairs of twins were divided into sIUGR, non-sIUGR and normal growth groups.(More)