Qun Fang

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BACKGROUND The human endogenous retroviral family W, Env(C7), member 1 gene (HERVWE1) is thought to participate in trophoblast cell fusion, and its expression is diminished in the placentas of singleton intrauterine growth-retarded pregnancies. However, there is limited information about the role of HERVWE1 in discordant fetal growth in twins. This study(More)
We introduce a simple micro-fluidic device containing an actuated flexible membrane, which allows the viscoelastic characterization of cells in small volumes of suspension by loading them in compression and observing the cell deformation in time. From this experiment, we can determine the characteristic time constant of recovery of the cell. To validate the(More)
The protozoan parasite, Toxoplasma, like many intracellular pathogens, suppresses interferon gamma (IFN-γ)-induced signal transducer and activator of transcription 1 (STAT1) activity. We exploited this well-defined host-pathogen interaction as the basis for a high-throughput screen, identifying nine transcription factors that enhance STAT1 function in the(More)
This paper describes a nanoliter droplet array-based single-cell reverse transcription quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) assay method for quantifying gene expression in individual cells. By sequentially printing nanoliter-scale droplets on microchip using a microfluidic robot, all liquid-handling operations including cell encapsulation, lysis, reverse(More)
BACKGROUND The report of the fifth national tuberculosis (TB) epidemiological survey in P. R. China, 2010, roughly showed that pulmonary TB (PTB) prevalence was higher in western China than in central and eastern China. However, accurately estimating the continuous spatial variations of PTB prevalence and clearly understanding factors impacting on spatial(More)
Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) affects the foetus and has a number of pathological consequences throughout life. Recent work has indicated that variations in DNA methylation might cause placental dysfunction, which may be associated with adverse pregnancy complications. Here, we investigated the promoter methylomes of placental shares from seven(More)
In this study, microwave plasma was used to treat the surface of Pinus yunnanensis wood under the conditions of 220 V of input voltage, 20 μA of filament current, 8.8 mW of output power, 11 mW of reflected power, 2450 MHz of frequency, and 700 Pa of vacuum. The microwave plasma presented very significant treatment effects on the treated surface, even under(More)
In this study, N-hydroxymethyl acrylamide (NMA) and vinyl acetate (VAc) were used in order to prepare secondary emulsions; additionally urea was then introduced into the polymerization to form ternary emulsions, adjusting different proportions of the three components. Compared to pure polyvinyl acetate, these two emulsion types presented shorter curing(More)
DNA methylation plays a critical role in the regulation of gene expression, genomic DNA stability, cell proliferation, and malignant transformation. Common cellular features including fast tissue expansion, invasive growth, and active angiogenesis, have been noticed between placental development and tumorigenesis by many investigators. While the DNA(More)