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UNLABELLED Familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) is associated with an increased risk of premature coronary heart disease. Molecular identification of these patients can reduce the burden of mortality from cardiovascular disorders simply by the correct identification of the disease early in life, followed by counseling and appropriate lifestyle modifications,(More)
INTRODUCTION Familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) is an autosomal dominant genetic disorder caused, in the majority of cases, by a partial or total lack of functional low density lipoprotein receptors (LDLR). Mutations in the LDLR gene lead to increased plasma cholesterol levels, resulting in cholesterol deposition in the arteries, thereby increasing the risk(More)
Acylation Stimulating Protein (ASP) is a small basic protein which was isolated from the human plasma and which has been shown to be the most potent stimulant yet discovered of triglyceride synthesis. The initial observation were made in vitro, but there is now in vivo evidence that the adipsina-ASP system has an important regulatory role in triglyceride(More)
INTRODUCTION Disease prevention should begin in childhood and lifestyles are important risk determinants of cardiovascular disease. Awareness and monitoring of risk is essential in preventive strategies. AIM To characterize cardiovascular risk and the relationships between certain variables in adolescents. METHODS In a cross-sectional study, 854(More)
The authors report a case of supraventricular tachyarrhythmia complicated by severe myocardial ischemia after IV injection of Atropine in a 37 years old woman, without known coronary artery disease. She had an ECG with sinusal bradycardia (40/min) and she was on the waiting list for to be submitted to surgical intervention on the lumbar spine.
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O estudo clínico das diferentes patologias e doenças humanas é complexo, porque a influência de vários fatores, por vezes com relações interdependentes, se conjugam entre si. Assim, e para se poderem estabelecer relações causais, são necessários estudos bem delineados e poderosas ferramentas analíticas. Os ensaios clínicos aleatorizados, controlados, têm(More)
UNLABELLED "Retrospective Review of the Medical Records of Cardiology Hospital Outpatient Clinics with the Aim of Determining the Therapeutic Approach to Patients Suffering from High Blood Pressure and/or Dyslipidemia" is a pilot study conducted by the Epidemiology and Cardiovascular Prevention Working Group of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology, based on(More)
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