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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Although most studies on epilepsy have focused on the epileptogenic zone, epilepsy is a system-level disease characterized by aberrant neuronal synchronization among groups of neurons. Increasingly, studies have indicated that mesial temporal lobe epilepsy may be a network-level disease; however, few investigations have examined(More)
of echo-cardiographic and clinical findings in patients with pericardial effusion. Reduction in the rate of diastolic descent of the mitral valve echogram in patients with altered left ventricular diastolic pressure-volume relations. Circulation 49: 246, 1974 12. Zaky A, Nasser WK, Feigenbaum H: Study of mitral valve action recorded by reflected ultrasound(More)
  • Ehlers Hk, Engle Ma, +30 authors Bernard Jalbert
  • 2005
RJ: Left ven-tricular abnormality with late mitral insufficiency and abnormal elec-trocardiogram. AS: Left ventricular abnormalities in prolapsed mitral leaflet syndrome: Review of 87 cases. Syndrome of systolic click, murmur and mitral valve prolapse-a cardiomyopathy? Circulation 49: 717, 1974 9. Decoodt PR, Mathey DG, Swan HJC: Automated analysis of the(More)
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