Quetzalli Aguilar-Virgen

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Ensenada health officials lack pertinent information on the sustainable management of solid waste, as do health officials from other developing countries. The aims of this research are: (a) to quantify and analyze the household solid wastes generated in the city of Ensenada, Mexico, and (b) to project biogas production and estimate generation of electrical(More)
The high per capita generation of solid waste and the environmental problems in major rural communities of Ensenada, Baja California, have prompted authorities to seek alternatives for waste treatment. In the absence of a selection methodology, three technologies of waste treatment with energy recovery (an anaerobic digester, a downdraft gasifier, and a(More)
Certain domestic wastes exhibit characteristics that render them dangerous, such as explosiveness, flammability, spontaneous combustion, reactivity, toxicity and corrosiveness. The lack of information about their generation and composition hinders the creation of special programs for their collection and treatment, making these wastes a potential threat to(More)
A comprehensive study of the generation and characterization of municipal solid waste is essential to the longterm efficient and economical planning for solid waste management. The aim of this study was to quantify and analyze the solid waste generated in the city of Ensenada, Mexico, and to use this data in a project that will generate energy through(More)
Solid waste characterisation studies have been conducted at the household or municipal level, but fewer studies have assessed the composition of solid waste within institutions of higher education or university student residences. Studies carried out in universities usually refer to the academic buildings, yet, reports of waste characterisation from student(More)
Globally there is a lack of knowledge about waste generation and composition in rural areas because these types of studies have been conducted mainly in big cities. This leaves the local sanitation authorities without information to properly plan its operations. Generally, characterization studies are carried out by using the technique of sampling taking at(More)
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