Quentin W Spender

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Various linear measurements were made of 100 children with cerebral palsy to evaluate the effects of various factors on growth, and to investigate the use of alternative measurements to height or recumbent length. Linear growth was more retarded in children with spastic quadriplegia than in those with less widespread spasticity, and there was a tendency for(More)
Triceps and subscapular skinfolds were measured on 95 North American children with cerebral palsy. Triceps fat was far more depleted than subscapular fat in comparison with population standards for sex, age and race. This truncal distribution of fat may be related to the high prevalence of under nutrition found in the sample.
Information on short-term growth (growth over periods of 1 month or less) has potential use in the clinic for treatment of children with growth disorders, and knowledge about patterns of short-term growth may also contribute to an understanding of growth control mechanisms. Limitations of measurement reliability for most measurements of linear growth have(More)
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