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Carbon Nanotubes as a Framework for High-Aspect-Ratio MEMS Fabrication
A class of carbon-nanotube (CNT) composite materials was developed to take advantage of the precise high-aspect-ratio shape of patterned vertically grown nanotube forests. These patterned forestsExpand
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Testing of a Pumpless MEMS Microinjection Needle Employing Electrostatic Attraction and Repulsion of DNA
The ultimate goal of this work is to develop an automated MEMS-based lab-on-a-chip microinjector. This paper outlines one phase of that work: testing the feasibility of a pumpless, polysilicon MEMSExpand
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Electrostatic Accumulation and Release of DNA Using a Micromachined Lance
This paper investigates the accumulation and release of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) relative to a surface micromachined silicon lance. The lance is a critical element of nanoinjection, a proposedExpand
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High aspect ratio microelectromechanical systems: A versatile approach using carbon nanotubes as a framework
We recently developed a fabrication process for carbon nanotube templated MEMS. The fabrication process involves growing a three dimensional pattern from carbon nanotube forests and filling thatExpand
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Facets and Fissures of a Fractured SOI Wafer
This scanning electron micrograph shows a cross section of a cleaved silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafter. The wafer cleave passed through a partially released device that included the array of etchExpand