Quentin M Smith

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In this chapter we show how algebraic geometry can be used to define and then analyse the properties of certain important classes of discrete probability models described through probability trees. Our aim is to show how much wider classes of discrete statistical models than have been considered previously have a useful algebraic formulation and unlike its(More)
While many studies have examined the effects mechanical forces on vSMCs, there is a limited understanding of how the different arterial strain waveforms that occur in disease and different vascular beds alter vSMC mechanotransduction and phenotype. Here, we present a novel system for applying complex, time-varying strain waveforms to cultured cells and use(More)
expressions can only refer to properties. Indeed, I suspect it’s the naturalness of this assumption that has always made the property interpretation so tempting. As far as I can tell, however, there is nothing to prevent us from rejecting this assumption, despite its naturalness, and simply stipulating, as my interpretation does, that expressions of the(More)