Qudsia Tahseen

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Quorum sensing (QS) plays an important role in virulence, biofilm formation and survival of many pathogenic bacteria including Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This signalling pathway is considered as novel and promising target for anti-infective agents. In the present investigation, effect of the Sub-MICs of clove oil on QS regulated virulence factors and biofilm(More)
BACKGROUND The clade Diplogastridae Micoletzky 1922 largely represents the bacterivorous or predatory nematodes that very often demonstrate phoretic, necromenic or parasitic associations with insects (Sudhaus and Fürst von Lieven 2003). That is the reason, much of the diversity of the family remains undocumented because of their absence from routine soil(More)
The paper deals with description of three new and two known species of Tripylidae Örley, 1880. Two new and a known species of the genus TripylinaBrzeski, 1963 while one new and one known species of Trischistoma are described. Tripylina ymyensis n. sp. is characterised by robust body; long, slender outer labial setae; stoma with thick cuticularised wall(More)
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