Qudsia Jabeen Ejaz

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In important recent developments, new Sasaki-Einstein spaces Y p,q and conformal gauge theories dual to AdS5 × Y p,q have been constructed. We consider a stack of N D3-branes and M wrapped D5-branes at the apex of a cone over Y . Replacing the D-branes by their fluxes, we construct asymptotic solutions for all p and q in the form of warped products of the(More)
We study the dispersion relations of mesons in a particular hot strongly coupled supersymmetric gauge theory plasma. We find that at large momentum k the dispersion relations become ω ≃ v0k + a + b/k + . . ., where the limiting velocity v0 is the same for mesons with any quantum numbers and depends only on the ratio of the temperature to the quark mass(More)
Two computable general equilibrium models, one global and the other providing U.S. regional detail, are applied to analysis of the future of U.S. natural gas as an input to an MIT interdisciplinary study The Future of Natural Gas. The focus is on uncertainties including the scale and cost of gas resources, the costs of competing technologies, the pattern of(More)
SETTING All tuberculosis (TB) diagnostic centres of Rawalpindi District, Pakistan, including five tertiary care hospitals and 16 rural health centres. OBJECTIVE To identify among sputum smear-positive patients registered during 2009 in the laboratory register those who had not been recorded in a treatment register, defined in the study as 'initial loss to(More)
At present, there are no non-perturbative analytic methods available for investigating gauge theories at large couplings. Consequently, it is desirable to explore more avenues to gain qualitative and quantitative insights. The gauge/gravity (AdS/CFT) correspondences provides a unique opportunity to study gauge theories both at finite and zero temperatures(More)
This thesis is concerned with the properties of mesons and quarks which live in the strongly coupled plasma of certain gauge theories which are similar to QCD. To study these plasmas we exploit gauge gravity duality which has been particularly useful for understanding QCD at temperatures above, but not far above, that at which quarks and gluons are(More)
Recent increases in natural gas reserve estimates and advances in shale gas technology make natural gas a fuel with good prospects to serve a bridge to a low-carbon world. Russia is an important energy supplier as it holds the world largest natural gas reserves and it is the world’s largest exporter of natural gas. Energy was one of the driving forces of(More)
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