Quazi Ehsanul Kabir Mamun

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Periodical information collection from unreachable remote terrain and then transmit information to a remote base station is one of the targeted applications of sensor networks. But the energy restriction of battery operated sensor nodes certainly makes this task difficult and complicated because once deployed in the target field, it is not feasible to(More)
Energy awareness plays an important role in developing routing protocol for the battery powered wireless sensor networks. As the replacement of the battery is often unfeasible in practical situations, we present here an optimal solution for the maximum utilization of precious available energy at the same time trying to minimize the latency in data delivery.(More)
Whereas the two-phase commit protocol guarantees global atomicity, its biggest drawback is that it is a blocking protocol-whenever the coordinator fails, cohort sites will have to wait for its recovery. Although three-phase commit protocol was devised to reduce blocking situation, it increases latency. In this paper we propose a proxy based two-phase atomic(More)
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