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Dynamic wetting on the flexible hydrophilic pillar-arrays is studied using large scale molecular dynamics simulations. For the first time, the combined effect of the surface topology, the intrinsic wettability and the elasticity of a solid on the wetting process is taken into consideration. The direction-dependent dynamics of both liquid and pillars,(More)
Molecular dynamics simulations were carried out to explore the capillary wave propagation induced by the competition between one upper precursor film (PF) on the graphene and one lower PF on the substrate in electro-elasto-capillarity (EEC). During the wave propagation, the graphene was gradually delaminated from the substrate by the lower PF. The physics(More)
A key requirement for the future applicability of molecular electronics devices is a resilience of their properties to mechanical deformation. At present, however, there is no fundamental understanding of the origins of mechanical properties of molecular films. Here we use quinacridone, which possesses flexible carbon side chains, as a model molecular(More)
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