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Much is known about cerebral vasospasm, a devastating sequela to ruptured intracranial aneurysms, yet underlying mechanisms remain unclear and clinical treatments have proven unsatisfactory. We have hypothesised that biochemical stimuli associated with the formation of extravascular blood clots dominate early maladaptive responses, leading to marked(More)
A mathematical model is developed to study the human thorax and pelvis movements in the frontal plane during normal walking. The model comprises of two-link base-excited inverted pendulums with one-degree of rotational freedom for each link. Since the linear motion of the pelvis has a significant effect on the upper body stability, this effect is included(More)
  • Quanyu Wu
  • 2010 International Symposium on Intelligence…
  • 2010
Wrist pulse-diagnosis has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, because pulse wave signal contains a large number of physiological and pathological information of people, the analysis on it is an important means to examine on people in sub-health status. In this research, a systematic approach was proposed to analyze the(More)
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