Quanying Sun

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This paper studies the problem of service chain (SC) deployment. Specifically, we try to place virtual network functions (vNFs) on network nodes and connect the vNFs in sequence through link mapping. We start with the offline problem. An integer linear programming (ILP) model is formulated to minimize the total SC deployment cost. With the ILP, we prove(More)
In this paper, the course has been re-positioned in the teaching system according to the characteristics of “mechanical precision design and testing basis” course, from the cultivation of creative talents and improve the quality of higher education in this training objectives and requirements, combined with business research. The theory of(More)
Considering the perspective of reducing cost and saving resources, the actual CNC machine tools can not conduct a lot of tests, and there is some danger in NC machining process. Virtual NC machining simulation can overcome the low processing efficiency, serious waste of resources; the long product development cycle and other defects. Also playing an(More)
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