Quanxin Zhao

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The lead acid battery, which has been used in electric vehicle since a long time, are now even studied because of the low cost. In this paper some common battery models are recommended, and a third-order dynamic model for lead acid battery is implemented. The identification and validation of the parameters of the proposed lead acid battery model is also(More)
Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is a promising paradigm to provide cloud-computing capabilities in close proximity to mobile devices in fifth-generation (5G) networks. In this paper, we study energy-efficient computation offloading mechanisms for MEC in 5G heterogeneous networks. We formulate an optimization problem to minimize the energy consumption of the(More)
This paper proposes a novel design method of ac-side inductance for single phase active power filter (APF) using switched system theory. The idea in this method is to consider the switching performance of APF and the known tracking performances and determine the reasonable range that achieves the accurate compensation. Firstly, the discrete model of APF is(More)
This paper focuses on heterogeneous dense small-cell networks (Dense-SCNs), consisting of a macro cell base station (MBS) and multiple small cell base stations (SBSs). In the Dense-SCNs, the MBS is a centralized energy trading center and SBSs receive the required energy resource from the trading center. Due to the SBSs' randomly deployment, resulting in the(More)
It is very challenging to support multimedia services with the strict requirements of Quality-of-Service (QoS) in bandwidth limited wireless cellular networks, especially for cell edge users who often suffer from co-channel interference. Multi-view Video (MVV) is an increasingly popular multimedia service, which consists of multiple video streams captured(More)