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BACKGROUND The effect of histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDACIs) and DNA methyltransferase inhibitors (DNMTIs) on proliferation of endometrial cancer (EC) cells in vitro and in vivo was investigated. METHODS Changes in methylation of the CDH1 promoter in HDACI- and DNMTI-treated HEC-1-B and RL-952 EC cells were detected. Nude mice with xenografted(More)
OBJECTIVE The study intended to investigate the effect and mechanism of endoplasmic reticulum stress on cisplatin resistance in ovarian carcinoma. METHODS RT-PCR and Western blot were used to test the expression of mTOR and Beclin1 mRNA and protein in ovarian cancer SKOV3 cells after saquinavir induction. MTT assay was used to analyze the influence of(More)
OBJECTIVE Determine the serum adiponectin levels in endometrial carcinoma (EC) cases and controls and explore the correlation between them. We assessed the functions of AdipoR1 and AdipoR2 in endometrial cancer cells to determine whether the AMPK/ERK and Akt pathways mediate the effects of adiponectin-induced apoptosis and anti-proliferation. MATERIAL AND(More)
Tamoxifen has been widely used to treat breast cancer as an endocrine therapy. However, tamoxifen is known to enhance the risk of developing endometrial cancer. We want to examine the effect of tamoxifen on endometrial cancer. In our retrospective study, we found that high grade, high stage, and lymph node metastasis were more common in tamoxifen users. In(More)
Large-scale genomic characterization of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) has revealed several putative oncogenic driver mutations that may constitute druggable therapeutic targets. However, there are little data to suggest that such gene alterations have clinical relevance. Over 12 consecutive months, tumor biopsy samples from 80 patients with stage IV(More)
BACKGROUND Perforation by intrauterine devices (IUDs) can involve. neighboring organs such as the bladder. CASE A 29-year-old woman with 2 previous cesarean section deliveries was diagnosed in the early stage of pregnancy with an IUD that had partially perforated the bladder. The exact location of the migrated IUD was determined with pelvic(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the effect and mechanism of glucose regulated protein 78 (GRP78) on autophagy and apoptosis in ovarian carcinoma, and to investigate the influence on the growth and sensitivity to cisplatin on the ovarian cancer cells. METHODS The human ovarian cancer cell line SKOV3 were treated by the GRP78 regulator BAPTA-AM and A23187, which were(More)
Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is an essential site of cellular homeostasis regulation. ER stress (ERS) may induce autophagy in tumor cells that escape from apoptosis. The present study examined the effects and mechanism of ERS on cisplatin (DDP) sensitivity in ovarian carcinoma. SKOV3 tumor cells treated with Saquinavir were subjected to western blot and(More)
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