Quanwen Li

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Breast ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) is being found in great numbers of women due to the widespread use of mammography. To increase knowledge of DCIS, we determined the expression changes that are common among three DCIS models (MCF10.DCIS, SUM102 and SUM225) compared to the MCF10A model of non-tumorigenic mammary epithelial cells in three dimensional(More)
IQGAP1 regulates cytoskeletal dynamics through interactions with the Rho family GTPases Rac1 and Cdc42, F-actin, and beta-catenin. Calmodulin interaction with IQ motifs of IQGAP1 negatively influences these IQGAP1 interactions. Although, calmodulin interacts with IQGAP1 in the absence of Ca(2+) and was suggested to exhibit reduced binding when Ca(2+) bound,(More)
The Sichuan-Tibet grid connection project is a national key project implemented in accordance with the developmental needs of Tibet and the living requirements of 700 thousand local residents. It is the first grid project with special high voltage that passes through eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau. The ground deformation due to widely distributed(More)
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