Quansheng Wu

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Fermions--elementary particles such as electrons--are classified as Dirac, Majorana or Weyl. Majorana and Weyl fermions had not been observed experimentally until the recent discovery of condensed matter systems such as topological superconductors and semimetals, in which they arise as low-energy excitations. Here we propose the existence of a previously(More)
Superconductor proximitized one-dimensional semiconductor nanowires with strong spin-orbit interaction (SOI) are, at this time, the most promising candidates for the realization of topological quantum information processing. In current experiments the SOI originates predominantly from extrinsic fields, induced by finite size effects and applied gate(More)
Formal semantics of components are foundations for rigorous analyzing and reasoning about the composition process and its correctness. According to the notion of software contract, components interaction patterns and composition process patterns, formal semantics of components are proposed. With this basis and inspired by typing system and process(More)
The band theory of solids is arguably the most successful theory of condensed-matter physics, providing a description of the electronic energy levels in various materials. Electronic wavefunctions obtained from the band theory enable a topological characterization of metals for which the electronic spectrum may host robust, topologically protected,(More)
Based on the notion of ‘design by contract’, components interaction patterns and process patterns of component composition, formal semantics of components are proposed. With this basis and inspired by typing system and process construction methods in π -calculus, in this paper, a formal typing framework for the composition and replacement of components are(More)
Recently, as more and more applications of peer-to-peer network (P2P network) appeared on file sharing and information retrieving, many researchers made great efforts in studying its search mechanism and algorithm design. In this paper, we establish a novel Differential Coefficient Dynamics Model of file transmission in P2P network using system dynamics(More)
Based on first-principles calculations and effective model analysis, we propose that the WC-type HfC, in the absence of spin-orbit coupling (SOC), can host a three-dimensional nodal chain semimetal state. Distinguished from the previous material IrF_{4} [T. Bzdusek et al., Nature 538, 75 (2016)], the nodal chain here is protected by mirror reflection(More)