Quansheng Huang

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The gene GhCPK1 encoding a calcium dependent protein kinase was identified from cotton. Transcripts of GhCPK1 accumulated primarily in the elongating fiber, and Arabidopsis plants transformed with GhCPK1 promoter-GUS construct exhibited GUS activity mainly in the developing trichomes, roots, young leaves and sepals. In the bombarded onion epidermal cells,(More)
Salt stress represents an increasing threat to crop growth and yield in saline soil. In this study, we identified a maize calcineurin B-like protein-interacting protein kinase (CIPK), ZmCIPK21, which was primarily localized in the cytoplasm and the nucleus of cells and displayed enhanced expression under salt stress. Over-expression of ZmCIPK21 in wild-type(More)
A cotton fiber is a single and highly elongated ovule epidermal cell. However, the mechanism that governs the development of fiber traits remains unclear. In this study, we cloned a calcium-dependent protein kinase (GhCPK1) and an actin depolymerizing factor (GhADF1) from Gossypium hirsutum. Real-time PCR analyses indicated that the expression of GhCPK1 and(More)
The title salt, [Ru(Tp)(CH(5)N)(2)(PPh(3))]Cl·CH(2)Cl(2)·H(2)O [where Tp is (C(3)H(3)N(2))(3)BH and PPH(3) is C(18)H(15)P], has the Ru(III) atom in an octa-hedral geometry; one of the Ru-N(Tp) bonds [2.135 (8) Å] is slightly longer than another two, owing to the trans influence of PPh(3) ligand. N-H⋯Cl and O-H⋯Cl hydrogen bonding leads to the formation of(More)
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