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CTF determination and correction for low dose tomographic tilt series.
The resolution of cryo-electron tomography can be limited by the first zero of the microscope's contrast transfer function (CTF). To achieve higher resolution, it is critical to determine the CTF andExpand
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Mugshot database acquisition in video surveillance networks using incremental auto-clustering quality measures
We present a real-time technique to acquire a mugshot database automatically from a video surveillance network. Expand
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An Open Development Environment for Evaluation of Video Surveillance Systems
We introduce the publicly available Open Development for Video Surveillance (ODViS) system that is specifically designed to support ongoing research in tracking and video surveillance. Expand
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Multi-resolution background modeling of dynamic scenes using weighted match filters
Accurate background modeling is fundamentally important to motion-based segmentation, object tracking, and video surveillance. Models must discriminate between coherent foreground motion andExpand
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Physical characterization of a high-resolution CCD detector for mammography.
The physical characteristics of charge-coupled device (CCD) mammography detector with 16-bit dynamic range and 27 microm detector element size were investigated. The detector, with an active area ofExpand
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Face model extraction and matching in distinct cameras
This thesis introduces a suite of algorithms specifically designed for the wide-area surveillance domain with a focus on robust matching of subjects as they move between camera views. Expand