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It's the fundamental guarantee of intelligent mining curative efficacies of prescriptions to establish mathematical models, which transforms data in a prescription into reflection of essential intensity of effect. As we know, logical classification based on characteristics of herbs is a necessary precondition to design measuring models indicating essential(More)
D_Tuili, having been implemented on microcomputer network, is a distributed logical reasoning programming language. D_Tuili supports parallel programming on the language level, and couples loosely with the distributed database management system, so data in distributed databases can be used in the distributed logic programs. In this paper, we mainly(More)
It is an all-important and pivotal technology to translate dosage of each herb in a prescription into effect intensity measured by some models. In this paper, we present relevant Chinese Medicine (short in CM) knowledge used for mining of prescription efficacies, and studying necessity of measuring “how effect of any herb depends on dosage” for CM AI(More)
It is important to translate dosage of each medical herb in a prescription into intensity of its effects measured by mathematical models. In this paper, we present intelligent calculational algorithms on efficacies of prescriptions of Chinese Medicine (CM), study “how curative effects of any herb depend on dosage” when constructing CM intelligent systems,(More)
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