Quanlong Ding

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Devices in wireless multihop networks should communicate with each other along minimum energy-consuming paths for energy-saving. To this end, any energy-aware topology control scheme should not destroy these paths. The Localized Dijkstra Topology Control (LDTC) algorithm discussed in this paper aims at constructing a network topology to preserve all the(More)
Wireless sensor networks(WSNs) have gained worldwide attention in recent years. These sensor nodes can sense, measure, and gather information from the environment,and based on some local decision process, they can transmit the sensed data to the user. A wireless sensor network has important applications such as remote environmental monitoring and target(More)
The frame sync word (SW) is very important for burst data communication systems. Commonly used SWs such as m-sequences are not optimized for specific system environments in terms of misdetection (including false alarm and detection failure) probability. In this paper, both upper boundary and lower boundary of misdetection probability of frame(More)
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