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For a hermetic reciprocating compressor of the household refrigerator, it is not economic to set a separate oil pump, because of cost and space demands. Its oil supply system is mainly promoted by a reed pump and the spiral groove on the shaft. When the compressor is operating, the oil climbs up the inner wall of the reed pump because of the centrifugal(More)
In this paper, two fluid–structure interaction (FSI) models of the discharge valve are presented to study the effect of partly covering the discharge port by the cylinder and the roller on the effective flow and force areas. One is the full FSI model and another is the simplified FSI model in which the discharge port is not covered and the cylinder shape is(More)
A single screw compressor is an important element found in many refrigeration systems. A single screw compressor with column envelope meshing pair will have long operating life than existing single screw compressors, although it is still fail to meet industrial applications. To accelerate the industrial application of the new type compressor, a design(More)
Reynolds equations and one-phase model with N-S (Navier Stocks) equations are widely used to calculate pressure distribution in the liquid film. In most cases, negative pressure exits in the obtained results. In a water-flooded single screw compressor, it is necessary to investigate the pressure of water film along the whole tooth flank. A negative pressure(More)
A novel flat plat heat pipe (FPHP) integrated in high power module instead of metal substrate is developed. Compared with the metal subtrate, the FPHP uses two-phase boiling heat transfer to diffuse heat flux in power module.Thus the FPHP diffuses significantly the collect heat source to the more larger condensation area. Analyze the use of a FPHP as a heat(More)