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This paper describes the algorithms and testing of a new method of median computation. The proposed method is based on histogram and multilevel staged search. To obtain the high speed, an efficient way is used to partition the statistic histogram space into small child intervals. Experimental results show that the proposed solution outperforms the(More)
In this paper, a novel filtering based on Lagrange interpolation techniques is proposed for detail preserving restoration of impulse noise corrupted images. For the corrupted pixel, we use a four direction interleaved interpolation value to replace the corrupted value. The performance of the proposed operator is tested for different test images corrupted at(More)
Median filter was once the most popular nonlinear filter for removing impulse noise. In this paper, a new fast adaptive switching median filter (FASMF) based on measure-integral is proposed for improving the performance of median-based filters. This efficient filtering technique is implemented as a two pass algorithm. In the first pass, identification of(More)
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