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Memetic algorithms (MAs) represent one of the recent growing areas in evolutionary algorithm (EA) research. The term MAs is now widely used as a synergy of evolutionary or any population-based approach with separate individual learning or local improvement procedures for problem search. Quite often, MAs are also referred to in the literature as Baldwinian(More)
— Capacitated arc routing problem (CARP) has attracted much attention due to its generality to many real world problems. Memetic algorithm (MA), among other meta-heuristic search methods, has been shown to achieve competitive performances in solving CARP ranging from small to medium size. In this paper we propose a formal probabilistic memetic algorithm for(More)
Telomeres are generally considered heterochromatic. On the basis of DNA composition, the telomeric region of Drosophila melanogaster contains two distinct subdomains: a subtelomeric region of repetitive DNA, termed TAS, and a terminal array of retrotransposons, which perform the elongation function instead of telomerase. We have identified several P-element(More)
The biallelic platelet-specific Gov antigen system-implicated in refractoriness to platelet transfusion, neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia, and posttransfusion purpura-is carried by the glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-linked protein CD109. The recent identification of the human CD109 complementary DNA (cDNA) has allowed the molecular nature of the Gov(More)
A cellular genetic algorithm (CGA) is a decentralized form of GA where individuals in a population are usually arranged in a 2D grid and interactions among individuals are restricted to a set neighborhood. In this paper, we extend the notion of cellularity to memetic algorithms (MA), a configuration termed cellular memetic algorithm (CMA). In addition, we(More)
— Over the recent years, there has been increasing research activities made on improving the efficacy of Memetic Algorithm (MA) for solving complex optimization problems. Particularly, these efforts have revealed the success of MA on a wide range of real world problems. MAs not only converge to high quality solutions, but also search more efficiently than(More)
In recent years, there has been an increase in research activities on Memetic Algorithm (MA). MA works with memes; a meme being defined as "the basic unit of cultural transmission, or imitation" [5]. In this respect, a Memetic Algorithm essentially refers to "an algorithm that mimics the mechanisms of cultural evolution". To date, there has been significant(More)
Given the importance of <i>optimization</i> and <i>informatics</i> which are the two broad fields of research, we present an instance of <b>Optinformatics</b> which denotes <i>the specialization of informatics for the processing of data generated in optimization so as to extract possibly implicit and potentially useful information and knowledge</i>. In(More)
In this poster, we present an information extraction engine for web-based forums. The engine analyzes the HTML files crawled from web forums, deduces the wrapper (template) of the pages and extracts the information about posts (e.g., author, title, content, number of replies and views, etc.). Extraction is an important module for forum search engine, since(More)