Quanfang Chen

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Metallic nanowires are promising as components in nanoscale systems including nanoelectronics. However, the application of nanowires made of a single material is limited by the properties of the material used. We report here an effort to fabricate a hybrid copper-coated carbon nanotube (CNT)-Cu/CNT nanowire, using a microfluidic reactor. The fabrication of(More)
Composite made of multiwalled carbon nanotubes coated with silver was fabricated by an electroless deposition process. The thickness of silver layer is about 40 to 60 nm, characterized as nano-crystalline with (111) crystal orientation along the nanotube's axial direction. The characterization of silver/carbon nanotube [Ag/CNT] nanowire has shown the large(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of Jidesheng anti-venom used externally for skin and soft-tissue necrosis from Chinese cobra bite. METHODS A retrospective review was performed according to the clinical data recorded from January 2002 to December 2012. A total of 126 patients (116 females and 10 males) with skin and soft-tissue necrosis due to Chinese(More)
MEMS-based batch fabrication compatible sol–gel synthesized mesoporous nanocrystalline SnO2 gas sensor has been developed. The SnO2 nanofilm is fabricated with the combination of polymeric sol–gel chemistry and block copolymers used as structure directing agents. The novel hydrogen sensor has a fast response time (2 s) and quick recovery time (10 s), as(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE This study was designed to investigate the p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling pathway involved in Aquaporin1 (AQP1) expression caused by staphylococcal peptidoglycan (PGN) in cultured rat pleural mesothelial cells (rPMCs) in vitro. METHODS RT-PCR and immunoblot analysis were used to determine the relative mRNA(More)
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