Quanbo Xin

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We study the communication primitive of broadcasting (one-to-all communication) in known topology radio networks, i.e., where for each primitive the schedule of transmissions is precomputed based on full knowledge about the size and the topology of the network. We show that radio broadcasting can be completed in D+O(logn) time units in planar graphs of size(More)
In recent years, all kinds of marine oil spill pollution events occur frequently.Marineoil pollution in the coastal ship oil spill accidents not only bring huge economic losses, but also directly destroy the marine ecological environment [5]. For sudden marineoil spill pollution events, simulatingthe path of the oil spillin order to understand the oil spill(More)
At present, there is no dedicated software platform for the coastal zone remote sensing information extraction. For the complexity of the coastal zone targets which contains shoreline, vegetation and coastal zone types and so on, users can not extract information automatically by computers, so users need operate extraction by comparing to interpreting marks(More)
With the frequent occurrence of marine oil spills, there is a growing demand for analyzing and publishing oil spill disaster information. It’s a trend to research on the Open GIS based spatial information analysis and publishing. This article develops the Marine oil spilling monitoring information analysis & publishing system based on DotSpatial, the(More)
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