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For the UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle) air task networks, a new kind of flexible fusion structure method is proposed to improve the flexibility of data processing of the target tracking fusion system in this paper. When the system performance parameters are affected by the internal or external causes to be changed, this flexible structure method can(More)
It is a key problem to achieve good image quality without violating compression rate in the design of image coding algorithm. Aiming at the characteristics of image monitoring system, a new hybrid image compression method is proposed in this paper. Based on the distribution of monitoring image content, the two parameters which are brightness rate and motion(More)
Multisensor data fusion based on wireless sensor networks (WSN) has many advantages over the traditional data fusion and is faced with many challenges. Because sensor nodes in WSN decentralize over wide area and data must be transmitted to the central processor by use of special wireless transport protocols for fusion, data delay and missing continually(More)
Nonlinear filtering is one of hot and difficult topics in the target tracking. The classical Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) has some shortages such as tracking accuracy and stability because of the using of linearization. So, the Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF) based on the nonlinear transformation and sampling has been widely applied. In this paper, we devote(More)
Kalman filter is a powerful tool in target tracking and self-localization across wireless sensor networks with many constraints. This paper considers the filters design for networked systems with combined constraints of bandwidth and random delay, and proposes a kind of universal networked Kalman estimator for given linear time invariant (LTI) or(More)